Sunday, March 27, 2011

What a small world

I just found out the other day that someone I've worked with for 2 years also has a husky.  We don't work in the same department, so she didn't see my cubicle plastered with husky pictures until recently.  Nor did I know she had a husky.  I love hearing stories from other husky owners.  All the good and the bad.  So of course I had to bombard her with questions and stories.

It was great to ask her many questions, because this is her second husky.  Her current husky "G" is 11 years old.  She had great advice about avoiding slick floors like hardwood.  Which is great timing since we are renovating our house.  I did notice that Leloo has a hard time with hardwood floors, but my coworker said to avoid them altogether if possible.  "G" has bad hips from slipping and sliding so much.  Poor thing can't jump into the car anymore, and gets extremely nervous coming down the stairs.  Considering huskies can suffer from hip dysplasia this is very important.

What I also found out was most huskies start to calm down around three.  Of course each dog is an individual, but that's the norm.  I am fairly used to her rambunctiousness, but it would be nice to have her calmer.  My husband disagreed.  He think she isn't Leloo if she isn't hyper. 

The thing that was the most shocking is my coworker actually finds the howling annoying.  I think it's hilarious and of course from the moment we brought Leloo home we encouraged it.  My coworker on the other hand finds it to be worse than barking.  That's crazy!!!

She was super sweet and I can't wait to ask her more questions in the future.  Hopefully she won't get sick of it.

**On a side note to other bloggers.  How do you add to blogger's dictionary?  "Leloo" keeps coming up as a spelling error and it's driving me nuts!!!

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