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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dog training take 2: week 2

Leloo had dog training last night and she did an awesome job!  Yes you heard that right.
The trainer brought a gentle leader and it worked like a charm.  Leloo still pulled it off her nose at one point, but I got it back on.  It was a little too big for her which is why she was able to pull it off.  Next week I’ll bring her’s.  I never thought about using the gentle leader for training.  I use it for walks here and there.  Leloo did her bucking thing while we were practicing walking for the trainer so she saw what I was talking about.  I just need to keep walking and she'll have no choice but to get back in line.
It was good training over all.  Which is what I was hoping for since we’ve been practicing.  I told the trainer about how I bought tons of treats and how we've been working hard all week.  She smiled and said it shows.  She also noticed that Leloo was so much calmer this week.  That's because she played outside most of the day, so she had worn herself out.
We received our next assignment for next week, greeting people and other dogs.  This is Leloo's biggest challege.  She gets overly excited when she's meeting people.  She did well with the trainer walking up, but we will be practicing this.  I want her to calm down when she hears the doorbell or when people come in the door.  I'll be recruiting family for this.
Next week we'll be learning how to be groomed as well.  Also another one of Leloo's issues.  Sort of thinking this class is more for her than the other dogs, since they all seem to be more well behaved. LOL

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Leloo wearing red to show her support

I was checking out a few other of my favorite blogs and a few had posts about the 100 sled dogs killed a year ago.  I was crying while reading them.  Please check them out if you aren't already following them

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good thing toilet paper comes in large quantities!

Leloo, I suppose, got a little frustrated today all on her own and bulldozed another roll of toilet paper.  I cleaned it up before taking a picture, but I'm sure you can picture it.

I am super glad we are doing the training.  Today we practiced again looking when called and all of her other tricks.  I don't understand why it's challenging to look at me when she hears "LELOO", but yet she can tell me she wants a treat by howling at me and leading me to the treats and even tapping the one she wants!  Hmmmm seems like someone is sandbagging for extra treats. 

I'm hoping to get her on schedule again.  I hate putting her in the crate.  If this destruction continues though it will have to be that way.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dog training Take 2: week 1

Well tonight was the first day of dog training.  Where to didn't go as planned.  Ok what ever does?

There were a few reason I believe it didn't go well.  One: Leloo wasn't in the least bit interested in what I was telling her to do.  We didn't get to go for a walk before we left so she was extra wound up.  She couldn't calm down.  Two: there were the treats.  You'd think I was trying to give her something nasty.  She sniffed and looked away.  Arrrggghh.  What a night.  I have to say that the way things went I was a little frustrated, she knows soooooo many commands and if you just met her tonight you'd think she was a different dog altogether.

The class was made up of seven dogs.  All of which seemed to be young around Leloo's age.  There were two boxers (same owners), two border collies (same owners), one German shepherd, and one black lab.  Leloo oddly enough has met the border collies before.  I think she recognized them first, because she was jumping and carrying on quite a bit more when she looked in their direction.  I finally heard the dogs names and realized who these two dogs were as well, she has played with them at the park.  It's funny when I recognize the dogs more than the owners!  Their owners did the same thing.  Both dogs are so cute, and super smart.  Just about every owner there was dealing with the same basic behavioral issues.  Over excitement with new people or other dogs, keeping them focused on you, and stealing things (aka toilet paper).  Some of the dogs had sort of aggression issues, but none seemed violent.  Leloo's not aggressive just wants to play 24/7.

The instructor had a few comments for me, one get treats she will want, and second burn her out before training.  So guess what we did immediately after training?  We went to the pet store at 7:45pm and got 5 count them 5 different treats!!!  I'm not messing around.  The trainer said to bring a variety to keep her guessing so she doesn't get sick of any particular kind.  As for the exercising, my husband is going to have to take her either to the park or for a walk while I'm at work.  Hopefully it won't be like today and rain the whole day. 

We got our first homework assignment.  Rewarding her when she hears her name and looks at me.  The trainer did notice that Leloo doesn't respond to hand gestures as well as just talking to her.  I know that too, she's a good listener when she wants to be.  I only do the hand gesture if I think she can't hear me.  Or if she just isn't listening.  She also noticed that Leloo does know how to do several commands she just can't focus when there are lots of distractions.  Hopefully we can do better!  I want her to pass the "good citizen's" test.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Question for the masses

If you are jogging down the road and see a dog in a yard, do you approach it or not?  I've noticed more and more when I'm home during the day that people stop and say hi to Leloo.  Now I think it's great that they aren't scared of her.  Believe me I'm glad for that. 
I just have to ask what people think about this.  Would you walk up to a dog in their yard if you don't know him or her?  I wouldn't, and I've asked a few friends and the consensus is NO.  I personally wait to see if the dog comes to me and I find it's better if the owner is there.  You never know if the dog is territorial or been abused.  Not to mention the fact that you don't know the owner!

I would love comments!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My little baby

I love coming home and my puppy is so happy to see me.  She almost always has a big smile on her face.  Yes, dogs do smile.  Looks just like a human smile only with their tongues hanging out! 
Last night though, I came home and Leloo wouldn't look at me.  Her ears were back, she kept looking down at the floor and she just looked guilty.  I kept asked her what's a matter and what happened.  I realized that she wouldn't look towards the living room.  Sure enough I look over and I see a white explosion laying on the floor.  Much like the tissue box a week before.  She had decimated a toilet paper roll.  I mean it was hard to tell what the white shrapnel had once been.  I just shock my head and didn't even yell at her.  I mean what's the point really?  She at least knows what shame is.   She knew it was wrong and was worried I was going to be mad.
Next week is the dog training class.  I can't wait.  I hope to learn quit a bit and hopefully break Leloo and MYSELF of some bad habits.

Friday, April 1, 2011