Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'd like to start off by saying I'm not perfect!  My husband and I adopted a husky and just winged it!  We thought, "it's just a dog, how hard can it be?" Huh! Yeah well that was an understatement.  Leloo is now 15 months old and I have to say the last 13 months we've had her has been a mixture of frustration and joy.

"Why husky?",  you ask. Well I loved the movie white fang as a kid.  I always thought white fang was an awesome dog.  He was strong, loyal, smart, beautiful, and could sleep in the snow.  I didn't care about the actor, I was all about the dog.  What would be cooler than a dog that looks like a wolf.  Now obviously white fang wasn't a Siberian husky, but I realized that as I got older.  When my husband and I started dating we were shocked to realize we both loved the same kind of dog.  Of course as soon as we purchased our first house it was just natural that we get a husky.

Now in this blog, I promise to share all the ups and downs of being a husky parent.  I say parent because that's what it's like to us.  People around me talk about their kids and I talk about my dog.  She's a member of our family regardless of her species.  I'd like to think it will always be that way.

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