Monday, March 21, 2011

Digging for gold

Hello all.  One thing you have to understand about huskies.  They like to dig!  Right now we have about 6 craters in our yard.  A few are old, but most were created in just the last few days since the snow melted and the ground got hard again.  I'm not sure if she's searching for lost gold or rodents, but she's making a mess. 
To give you an idea of these craters, imagine small meteors falling to earth!  Yesterday I realized that one of the holes she was digging had an underground wire exposed.  Fortunately she didn't chew on it or scratch the plastic coating.  My husband filled the hole back in and even put some of her poo on it to deter her from digging there again.  IT TOOK 5 MINUTES and she had that hole reopened.  We have reverted back to the stake in the ground and she now can't get over to that side of the yard.  Like I've said before stakes make me nervous.  If it rains hard here the ground gets soft and she can pull the stake out of the ground.  So far so good.  I'm still not holding my breathe.  Also this will not stop the digging it will just keep her from anything dangerous.

I don't have any advice on digging obviously.  I've been told to get a sand box and teach her that it's ok to dig in the sand, but not the grass.  How I don't know yet. We may try that once we have a fenced in yard.  Having a sand box in your front yard is fine when you have kids, but otherwise it just looks strange.  Of course having craters doesn't look much better.

We have really really nice neighbors who don't complain when Leloo occasionally howls or barks, they don't even mind if occasionally I run screaming through their yard chasing her.  I do wonder if they mind our yard looking like a war zone!  I'm sure being that both sides are elderly they expected us, being the new young couple on the block, to have little kids so this really isn't any different.  Our kid just walks on all fours and likes to play in the mud.  Ok I'm sure some human kids do that too!


  1. I totally understand on the digging thing!! If Koda gets frustrated in his pen he tries to dig at the carpet. His new trick is to dig in his water bowls. The vet gave me some advice that so far has worked for me. Let her dig in one area of your yard. This is hers and she can tear it up as much as she wants. If she goes anywhere else let her no that is not ok. He uses this trick on his German Shepard and she gets nervous when she see's him looking at her when she is digging in her designated area, but he praises her for doing some "good" haha. Hopefully this helps :)

  2. That is an awesome idea. I'll have to try that. Leloo fortunately she's never been interested in carpeting. She just enjoys uprooting our bushes.