Friday, March 18, 2011

Talking back

Leloo has always been vocal.  Most of the time she cries when she wants something.  We can't help but laugh at her every time she starts talking.  In the last few months we've taught her to say "thank you".  It's awesome.  Of course it only sounds like thank you if you listen closely, and of course so far that's all she'll say.  Most of the time, if I hold a treat without even saying a word she'll say thank you.  Hold it longer and she'll break into song.  Thank you, tk u, thannnnnnnnkkkkkk yyyyouuuuu!!!!  It's super cute!

When she's frustrated though the talking back can be annoying (although we still laugh at her).  Have you ever seen a two year old throw a temper tantrum?  Well if you've never been privy to that joy, it works in phases, there is the folding of the arms, the scowl, the red face, then the crying/screaming, and finally they're rolling around on the floor pounding their fists.  Well a husky tantrum is pretty similar.  She starts with howling (hitting several octaves), then barking (sharp loud barks), and then front arms sprawled butt in the air giving you the stare down.
This is the look! Our favorite picture by the way!!  Usually following "the look"  she starts howling similar to a monkey and rolling around on the floor.   This is the point where I'm laughing and waiting for her to calm herself down.  Usually it take about 5-10 minutes, but she will finally concede.  Then we'll start over on asking her what she wants.

I suggest asking "what do you want, show me" and follow that with standing in front of them and giving them the attention to show you.  Make sure you always follow if they lead you to what they want.  Eventually they will know what it means.  You don't always have to give them what they want.  You're still in charge, just follow them.  You can then just say "NO" and walk away.

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