Friday, April 8, 2011

My little baby

I love coming home and my puppy is so happy to see me.  She almost always has a big smile on her face.  Yes, dogs do smile.  Looks just like a human smile only with their tongues hanging out! 
Last night though, I came home and Leloo wouldn't look at me.  Her ears were back, she kept looking down at the floor and she just looked guilty.  I kept asked her what's a matter and what happened.  I realized that she wouldn't look towards the living room.  Sure enough I look over and I see a white explosion laying on the floor.  Much like the tissue box a week before.  She had decimated a toilet paper roll.  I mean it was hard to tell what the white shrapnel had once been.  I just shock my head and didn't even yell at her.  I mean what's the point really?  She at least knows what shame is.   She knew it was wrong and was worried I was going to be mad.
Next week is the dog training class.  I can't wait.  I hope to learn quit a bit and hopefully break Leloo and MYSELF of some bad habits.


  1. Huskies have the best smiles ever!!! They truly look happy to see you! You are going to LOVE training classes! Koda starts his tomorrow :) Good luck and have fun with Leloo

  2. Hawooo!! Unfortunately, it's hard to train destruction out of them. Samuel, who will be 13 on April 11th STILL likes to destroy things. Pulling toilet paper off the roll is a current trick he enjoys!

    Good luck!