Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good thing toilet paper comes in large quantities!

Leloo, I suppose, got a little frustrated today all on her own and bulldozed another roll of toilet paper.  I cleaned it up before taking a picture, but I'm sure you can picture it.

I am super glad we are doing the training.  Today we practiced again looking when called and all of her other tricks.  I don't understand why it's challenging to look at me when she hears "LELOO", but yet she can tell me she wants a treat by howling at me and leading me to the treats and even tapping the one she wants!  Hmmmm seems like someone is sandbagging for extra treats. 

I'm hoping to get her on schedule again.  I hate putting her in the crate.  If this destruction continues though it will have to be that way.


  1. We used to have a problem with chewed TP, among many other things. We started putting them up on shelves where we can still reach but they can't. Yes, we have a small shelf next to the toilet for the TP. Never had a problem again. Sometimes I've found that prevention is your best weapon.

    Good luck with the training!

  2. Pleased to see you are getting your human well trained, we're working on that too! Nice to meet you, Dex & Louis x

  3. I wouldn't use her name as the command for her to look at you. Does that make sense? I mean, you use her name for everything. She hears it in everyday conversation, so she may just decide to ignore you b/c she isn't sure when you actualy want her to look at you. The same concept that they don't recommend your release word to be "OK", they suggest something like "break" or "free". Kabo looks at me when I tell him to sit, like, "Do you really want me to sit, or can I just stand here real still and look at you and then maybe get a treat?" I really like using the word "look". That way, I can say, "Look at me," and it sounds like I am talking to my kid.

  4. hey LeLoo,

    BOL! I do the same thing. I rarely look at my human when she calls my name. But when I want something, I definitely am looking at her letting her know! We are the leaders of our Packs, right? ;->

    Good luck on getting your destruction moods under control. Don't want to see you in a crate.