Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dog training take 2: week 2

Leloo had dog training last night and she did an awesome job!  Yes you heard that right.
The trainer brought a gentle leader and it worked like a charm.  Leloo still pulled it off her nose at one point, but I got it back on.  It was a little too big for her which is why she was able to pull it off.  Next week I’ll bring her’s.  I never thought about using the gentle leader for training.  I use it for walks here and there.  Leloo did her bucking thing while we were practicing walking for the trainer so she saw what I was talking about.  I just need to keep walking and she'll have no choice but to get back in line.
It was good training over all.  Which is what I was hoping for since we’ve been practicing.  I told the trainer about how I bought tons of treats and how we've been working hard all week.  She smiled and said it shows.  She also noticed that Leloo was so much calmer this week.  That's because she played outside most of the day, so she had worn herself out.
We received our next assignment for next week, greeting people and other dogs.  This is Leloo's biggest challege.  She gets overly excited when she's meeting people.  She did well with the trainer walking up, but we will be practicing this.  I want her to calm down when she hears the doorbell or when people come in the door.  I'll be recruiting family for this.
Next week we'll be learning how to be groomed as well.  Also another one of Leloo's issues.  Sort of thinking this class is more for her than the other dogs, since they all seem to be more well behaved. LOL


  1. Good job & congrats all around!

    RA & Isis

  2. Don't you feel so great when they do good :) I love it when Koda learns something new. But i totally get the meeting new people or dogs. Koda just wants to run and jump on everyone! He is learning that the more he jumps and barks the more we ignore him... he doesn't like that too much ;) haha Glad to see her training is going well!

  3. Rebecca want to be my friend?
    I enjoy having friends and talking to them
    Come meet me .. and then resolves ... we have many mutual friends
    Ronrons crumb of a. ....

  4. hey Leloo,

    Congratulations! That is so pawsome for acing your class! I knew you had it in you!

    I am like you with greeting people - I just get so excited when someone comes around. I love meeting people and want them to pet me and give me lots of attention! Good luck working through that! ;->


  5. Well done on being so good in class! We're not too good at meeting people, well Louis isn't as he's too excited, naturally I'm perfect at everything ;-) Good luck for your next lesson! Dexter and Louis x