Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dog training Take 2: week 1

Well tonight was the first day of dog training.  Where to begin...it didn't go as planned.  Ok what ever does?

There were a few reason I believe it didn't go well.  One: Leloo wasn't in the least bit interested in what I was telling her to do.  We didn't get to go for a walk before we left so she was extra wound up.  She couldn't calm down.  Two: there were the treats.  You'd think I was trying to give her something nasty.  She sniffed and looked away.  Arrrggghh.  What a night.  I have to say that the way things went I was a little frustrated, she knows soooooo many commands and if you just met her tonight you'd think she was a different dog altogether.

The class was made up of seven dogs.  All of which seemed to be young around Leloo's age.  There were two boxers (same owners), two border collies (same owners), one German shepherd, and one black lab.  Leloo oddly enough has met the border collies before.  I think she recognized them first, because she was jumping and carrying on quite a bit more when she looked in their direction.  I finally heard the dogs names and realized who these two dogs were as well, she has played with them at the park.  It's funny when I recognize the dogs more than the owners!  Their owners did the same thing.  Both dogs are so cute, and super smart.  Just about every owner there was dealing with the same basic behavioral issues.  Over excitement with new people or other dogs, keeping them focused on you, and stealing things (aka toilet paper).  Some of the dogs had sort of aggression issues, but none seemed violent.  Leloo's not aggressive just wants to play 24/7.

The instructor had a few comments for me, one get treats she will want, and second burn her out before training.  So guess what we did immediately after training?  We went to the pet store at 7:45pm and got 5 count them 5 different treats!!!  I'm not messing around.  The trainer said to bring a variety to keep her guessing so she doesn't get sick of any particular kind.  As for the exercising, my husband is going to have to take her either to the park or for a walk while I'm at work.  Hopefully it won't be like today and rain the whole day. 

We got our first homework assignment.  Rewarding her when she hears her name and looks at me.  The trainer did notice that Leloo doesn't respond to hand gestures as well as just talking to her.  I know that too, she's a good listener when she wants to be.  I only do the hand gesture if I think she can't hear me.  Or if she just isn't listening.  She also noticed that Leloo does know how to do several commands she just can't focus when there are lots of distractions.  Hopefully we can do better!  I want her to pass the "good citizen's" test.


  1. hey Leloo,

    Why do they insist on calling human training classes "dog" training?! We know we are really there to train our humans how to respond to us, and you did fabulous tonight! You got your human to go out and buy you FIVE different treats! And you are now guaranteed walkies by your dad! Good job! Keep it up! ;->


  2. I actually found it funny too(since I experience it for most dogs I meet, I mean dog owners rather).

    Huskies are known to be quite energetic, and it looks like Leloo isn't any different.

    Her first assignment would be a piece of cake, I know that for a fact. Let me know if it is!

  3. Try clicker training, see if that helps her to get excited about training. My dogs like the rolled dog food...it is by the treats. It looks like rolls of Bob Evans sausage. I cut it up into pea sized treats and it lasts forever!

  4. you can also use her own dog food. Give a piece of kibble as a treat. But we didnt burn off Koda's energy one time before class and oh wow what an ADD doggie we had. He wanted to do anything and everything but what we told him. Good luck at next class :)