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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sledding this winter

Does anyone know what kind of harness and sled I could use with Leloo this winter?  She loves running around the yard, but doesn't get to go for walks really during the winter.  We think it would be fun for her to pull us around the yard in a little sled.  Leloo does quite well in dragging me down the street on our walks, but has never really pulled anything.   I'm worried about doing it half-assed and hurting her.  I've thought about using her seat belt harness, but it's doesn't have padding for her shoulders.  I think it would hurt and then not be fun.  I've looked online and found a variety of harnesses and sleds for real sledding, but I've got no clue what to get.  I also considered adding padding to her set belt harness since we use it for walks anyways.
I think a kid's sled would be ok since it's just for running around our yard.  I thought about starting out with weights in the sled first and once she got the hang of it I would sit in the sled.  I have a number of other concerns that once we do this she'll pull me even harder on walks. 
Does anyone have suggestions or warnings?  ie. this is a stupid idea or a great one!!


  1. LOL! We do it with our dogs for fun sometimes. I am a beginner and I am in no way an expert, but I use a X-cross back racing harness that I bought used from a semi-professional and that's what he uses. I have bought a few more at this site:

    If you are just talking around the yard, a kids sled will work. You can use a regular leash to hook from harness to sled.

    Here are a few things I have learned from books and going to races. Contrary to what you might you think, you will have to teach Leloo how to pull and use harness. I was taught to tie a small piece of firewood to harness and let them drag it. then increase size and weight. Then you can let her pull the sled with some weight,as she's comfortable, increase weight. I also use a long lead (about 20 ft.) to hook to collar to help in control. Since the dogs are in front of me, they think they have total control and will run where they please, especially when they get that taste of freedom. :)

    Those are some of the basics that I know. I don't know enough about seat belt harnesses or if it would be good to use or not, but since Leloo is used to a seat belt harness you may have an easier time with a racing harness. Some Huskies have a natural drive to pull sleds, while others don't have an interest.

    Some of my dogs love it and others completely freak out. Some have that natural drive and flawless effort, while some need extra coaxing but eventually love it.

    They do have small sleds made for one dog if you are interested at the website above, but a kids sled will work, just hang on!! BOL!!

    Basically if you start slow, she will build the muscles and will have no problem pulling you.

    I really enjoy it, but be careful it can be addicting!! bol!

    You are welcome to email if you like and I will try to help the best I can.

  2. I had often thought of doing something similar with Suka. I know that Suka, being a strong working dog, would love the exercise and challenge, but I never really pursued it. 24 Paws of Love wrote a great comment, and I will be interested to read how it works out with Leloo if you try it. Good luck!

    K and Suka