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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Huskies that need homes

Does anyone else feel intense sadness when they see dogs in shelters?  I keep seeing twitter feed about dogs that need homes all over the country.  Made worse when I realize they aren't that far away.  Then there's the "save the animals" type commercials.  There is part of me that wants to save them all and another part telling me Leloo is all we can handle right now.  With no fence and both of us working it just wouldn't be feasible. 
I'm not naive to think it would be easier with two dogs.  Over the summer we dog-sitted for a friend.  The first day, I took both dogs for a walk.  It was going well until we started heading back.  I tripped and dropped Leloo's leash.  It was like watching slow motion.  I started to do the running man to get to the leash before she noticed, she turned back realized I was quite a bit behind her and then she looked down saw the leash on the ground and took off into the corn field.  Fortunately I had my cell phone and my husband came to help find her.  It took an hour and a stroke of luck she got caught up in a row of hedge row trees.  The next day I thought I had gotten more clever and looped both dog's leashes through my belt loops.  Leloo took off in a weird direction and sliced her leash on a mailbox pole.  I just can't win!  Fortunately I was able to tackle her a few houses down.  I wised up and gave up on the walking both.  On the other hand they did wear each other out wrestling and arguing over toys.  It was super cute watching them argue with each other.
It's hard to say how it would go with two.  Right now it's not on the plate.  I wish still that there wasn't a need for shelters at all.  Unless your a breeder or plan to keep all your puppies' puppies get your dog neutered!!!  Be a responsible owner!

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  1. Great post, just kills us to see animals in need, we almost never go on FB anymore because all we see are people posting pics of abused and homeless sounds like two was an adventure bol! woo should see the three of us all out together:)

    RA, Isis & nuknuk