Monday, May 23, 2011

The incident

So here's what happened to Leloo and I over the weekend.  We were walking down the road as we always do and passed a neighbor's house.  They have 3 dogs.  Leloo has met them before, but not all at the same time and individually they are really cute.  Normally they aren't outside though.  As we walked by one ran up.  That went well, we did some kissing and petting.  The second ran up, this caused a frenzy.  The third ran up and all hell broke loose.  There was yelling, barking, growling and me screaming NOOOOOOO!!!!!  I pulled Leloo back and in all the scuffling I wasn't sure if she was hurt.   The owner and the kids came running and screamed at them and they quickly retreated.  I'll give them credit for that.  The owner was very concerned that we were ok and waited for me to say she was fine and walk away.  I checked Leloo thoroughly, and she seemed fine.  The owner said that the dogs were inside, but one of the kids left a door open.  I can understand that, considering how many times Leloo has gotten loose.  Speaking of which, I have another funny story about her getting loose, to come later.
Aside of me being really shaken up, we were just fine.  We aren't going by that house again though.  I just can't take the chance.  Animals will be animals, but they obviously have an issue there and I'm not risking it.


  1. hey Leloo,

    Glad you and your mom are O.K. That can be scary! My human has had that happen a few times with previous dogs. It is always when there is more than one pup at a house too, and when they are roaming free in their yard. Go figure! It seems it just takes one to show just a little bit of aggression for the others to jump on that and go off. Yikes. Smart to stay clear of that house. Even though the pups are nice and friendly separately, you don't want to risk another incident.


  2. Been there. We have a neighbor who always lets their dogs run loose. We have had several incidents of their dog CHARGING us with teeth bared. The owner has run out several times, yells at dogs and they retreat, but still lets them run loose.

    So sorry to hear about your incident. I know how scary it can be. I usually avoid the house, but we only have two roads to go down, so there are days when I feel brave and take my chances. Hope Leloo and you are OK.

  3. Oh what a shame, loose dogs always set me into panic mode when the boys are on the lead, much as you get told 'stay calm' - it's not easy when it happens is it?! Louis has done the same when we're in the fields and he sees another dog before I do, most of the time I can stop him but if he's gone past a certain point there is no return - completely selective hearing! xxx

  4. Poor pup! Glad that she is ok!

  5. scarry, loose pups are also a big concern here...glad everything is OK :)