Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dog training week 3 & 4

Well folks Leloo missed dog training week 4.  Not her fault, mom got home late and completely forgot!!!  I think she wasn't too upset.  I do have some updates on her training though.  Week 3 didn't go as well as week 2.  Leloo was really agitated the whole session.  I thought her little sprint around the neighborhood would have worn her out, (this was the day someone let her loose).  It did not.  She was pulling away from me the entire time.  I could only slightly keep her attention as long as the treats were in site.  It was a bit frustrating.  We have been working on "stay" and the trainer checked to see if any of the dogs had separation anxiety.  Leloo did well with both surprisingly.  Even though she was overly excited. We've been really working on the stay.  I wasn't sure if it would work with other dogs and people, but as long as she is on lease it works great.  She has separation anxiety only when she is completely alone.  She'll tear things apart while we're gone aka toilet paper, paper towels, amongst other things.  Not every time, just when she's frustrated.  The trainer was impressed that she didn't even notice that I was gone.  I wasn't, I was a little disappointed. :(  But I know it is a good thing.


  1. Well done Leloo, it's all small steps with this dog training isn't it, although one forward and two back a lot of the time here! xxx

  2. hey Leloo,

    Sounds like you are making improvements! Good for you! Keep up the good work!

    Sorry you are still experiencing separation anxiety. I hope you can grow out of it. It is not fun to feel that way. Maybe if they left you a bucket of meaty bones that would take your mind - and tummy - off of being alone. ;->

    Tell your mom not to be sad that you did not notice she was gone because deep inside you knew she was gone but you were just being strong by not showing it. We always miss our humans when they leave us, and we always know when they are gone, even if we don't show it on the outside.


  3. Well Leelo you're so good.
    woof, woof,